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Free Classified Site is the Best Service Stop for Sales of New and Used Merchandise

Replenish your singular or dual urgencies on without even spending a coin. We have a broad website where users post free ads of their used items and sells directly to customers. Small business owners put classified ads and provide their products and services to interested patrons. Visitors of are marketers, advertisers and freelancers, wish to promote their work and business among colossal base of buyers. We have as many as ten categories of ads to search and show each item specifically. A considerate goal of placing ads on our site is to pull traffic to your business as people visits this site daily. Reserving a short portion of ad on our website also increases the visibility to your site, helping to rack SEO practices. The products and services related to Georgia tourism catch on more attention of outsiders. However, new foreigners knows less about the regional market and language, they hire internet for their purpose feeding. At that stage, our website is used to look for taxi

Services, foods, hotels, and other elements

Our special offerings in Georgia, Europe:

  • High Alexa rank
  • Millions of daily visitors
  • Definite section of new and used goods
  • Quick response from shoppers
  • Contact details are disclosed to all viewers
  • Free registration and ad posting
  • Easily arranged search box with added filters.

Our free classified site is apt to sell educational & professional courses, furnitures, mobiles, vehicles, DTH, plots, shops, CCTV cameras, sculptures, musical instruments, dress fabrics and most of the items you could think of.

To get an overview of our volume, scan the following categories:

Tourism –

Post and display your ads, expressed to cater Georgia tourism here. It could be the tickets to enhanced or special events, national parks tours, religious tours, adventure tours, family tours and travel destinations. You should offer our customers 2 nights & 3 days, 4 days & 3 nights, 5 nights & 6 days, 4 nights & 5 days and such trips to Savannah Historic District, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Center for Civil and Human Rights, Chattahoochee National Forest, Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and like these.


Pets – In this division, you can post free ads of domestic animals and birds like cats, dogs, parrots, fish, tortoise, cows and buffalo. Also, you can sell aquariums, foods of animals and accessories like dog belts, beds, jewelry etc.

Fashion – Sellable items of this group are clothes of men, women & children, shoes, heels, inner garments and such materials. Its classified ads contain the products brand wise, describing the discount percentage, colors and suitability to people of different age group. Both new and used items can be posted here.

Service – Place your ads here, which are essential resources of Georgia tourism like drivers, taxis, health clinic, beauty salon and other facilities. Ads for educational courses, degree classes, electronic gadgets and computers are pertinent for this tier. Mention the warranty period of the products as well, if expired or not. You can sell, exchange, rent and buy the goods at flexible price.

Electronics & Computers – This compartment of the free classified site is to sell new and used AC, gaming machines, entertainment equipment, cameras and lenses, computer accessories, laptops, refrigerators, displays, headphones, speakers and sound systems, input devices (mouse & keyboard), output devices (printers & scanners) etc. Site users can place ads of household appliances like washing machine & geyser, small kitchen devices like mixer & grinder, coffee maker, cooking tools, utensils, vacuum machine, floor cleaning materials and the remaining.

Property – Post free ads of renting and selling hotels, guest houses, residential homes, flats, apartments, shops & offices, plots based on the price per foot inch here. Details like number of bedrooms, spas, furnishing status, type of property, construction condition, identity of advertising person, area of building in square feet should be noted clearly.

Cars – Insert here classified ads of vehicles, transportation modes, and auto accessories, spare parts, used cars, SUVs, water carriage and so on. Briefly draft the ad of selling & buying commercial motor vans, yachts, boats and others. You can also talk about the renting pattern of these, on the basis of per hour, per kilometer, per day, per week, and per month. The ads could comprise car covers, tires, batteries, insurance charges, PUC and other documental needs.


Vacancies – Employment ads should be fixed here for positions like BIGO & telecallers, accountants, sales and marketing officer, designers, engineers & development workers, teachers, cooks, delivery & collection associates, data entry & back office managers, drivers, operators and technician, office assistant and hotel & tourist executive for Georgia tourism zone. It could be part time, full time or contractual job with varied salary period such as weekly, monthly or around the clock. Shifts of the operations might be day or night.

Mobiles – Arrange market for your mobiles, tablets, iPods, and smartphone accessories to sell, exchange, rent and buy in this section of our free classified site. Write the name of the brand in description box like MI, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, Microsoft, Lenovo, Sony, HTC, Real Me, Moto, Honor, Spice, Lava, MicroVAX and similar as such. Your digital frame could be new, used or refurbished.

Bike – Position the ads of motorcycles, bicycles, auto parts, spare components here. Post free ads of new and second hand motorbike which are functional in nature. You can ask for extra charges for accessories purchased for bike or offer as complimentary. It can be motorcycle washing equipment, air filler, and auxiliary lights.

Books, Sports & Entertainment – Sell, exchange, rent and buy musical instruments, sports equipment, gym and fitness tools through classified ads on our site. Enlist your read books, sports accessories and entertainment resources with a fair price tag to transfer it to somebody else.

Pour promotional events and ads close to Georgia tourism in our free classified site for maximum outreach. Nowadays, people run far from the hassle of buying new products due to high cost and deteriorating value in the long term. Choices left to them are either get used items or lease the new. At such significant moment, need of is sensed. It’s too laborious task to move and find used stores for each item in the town. So, they take the help of digital platform to obtain desired products. By this methodology, regular visitors of our classified ads are expanded to a large extent. We provide extra facilities to sellers to post free ads on our site like listing update – ensures the visibility of ad at top rank.

We have facilitated the art of searching a product by categorizing the items in serial order by company name, warranty period, size & shape, used tenure and price range. Through joining the discussion in forums, commenting on the content, giving reply to questioners, you can also place link to your site for boosting SEO techniques. Likewise, people new to Georgia, Europe enhance Georgia tourism. They pick the first choice for getting in touch with hotel executives, cab operators and restaurant personnel – browse our free classified site.

From the motivation generated by our high quality of homage, our service consumers automatically discuss the name of as reference. Our site is assembled as so useful resource, small business owners to large, students to professionals, housewives to independent women, associates to heads everyone sell, purchase, exchange and rent items daily. We have also established a dedicated customer support cell. Employees working in that department will assist you for every problem promptly. They will contact you through chat, phone, email and ticketing system. Our marketing team is aggressively working on stretching the database of consumers. Alexa rank is minutely monitored by our SEO experts, maintaining the performance of the site at top rank. False ads making efforts to snatch your income by hook or crook are filtered out by our administration in initial phase only.

Even if you have noticed such ads or been the victim of one, convey the incident to our management. Our charge-less service of posting classified ads is not only beneficial for customers but to their connections also. We run many softwares in the background to detect any suspicious activity happening on the site. It can be stealing the information, manipulating the buyers and restricting the communication system. Services and resources in relation with Georgia tourism are highly consumed on our free classified site. You will get no opportunity to complain about our mechanism of business as it is perfectly designed for small entrepreneurs. We have publicized the requirements a consumer can have to sell, exchange, rent and buy the products. Be informed to go through the terms and conditions for renting and exchanging an equipment for professional or personal use.

Sometime a few clauses are always in owner’s favor which should be discussed properly before hand over. Otherwise, it could land you in legal trouble and exceed your expenses. Although in first step only, after posting classified ads we examine the details and reject the proposal if required. But, you should remain self-alert as well. Post free ads on our site within the region of Georgia tourism services to gain more market share. Our free classified site is an independent platform for sales of almost every products and services. Post free ads here and take up your business profits to marginal length. We will support you in every possible way through our website to generate leads for your business.

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